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Quick Insight Into Our Current Lessons

I realise that many of you probably have no idea what exactly we are learning during our linguistics year. So, I decided to write this blog to show you some of what we are doing. The difficult thing is however,…

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Leaving for the final year in England

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the summer as I visited friends in both the Netherlands and France. But the time has come to start the next leg of the journey, and this Monday I leave for England once again. These final months…

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A Day In The Life Of Mission Sim

I made a video to show what a typical day looks like in mission simulation. I hope you enjoy getting a look into my daily life for these five weeks! In the video I mention how I wanted to show…

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Mission Sim: Ready, Set, Go

The greatest challenge of this year is at the doorstep: mission simulation. This week we’ve been setting up big army tents and starting from tonight we are confined to the terrain at the back of the campus for the coming…

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Mission Training – Everyday Food?

Here at the college, we have many great modules considering the things necessary for Church planting. Language learning, Bible-teaching curriculums, basic translation procedures, and living with limited technology are all things I expected to learn before coming here. What I…

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Quick Easter Update

It has been a while since my last update! Like I said back then, we did have a few busy weeks on campus. Those weeks went by well, though I was quite happy that they were followed by a two-week…

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A Busy Few Weeks

Just a short update here, as there’s a lot going on, but not necessarily a lot to write about. This coming Monday I’ll need to hand in a major assignment about church planting. There’s still a fair bit left to…

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The Needs of Senegal

Having (hopefully) given you some insight into what Senegal is like, we can now move onto the promised sequel to the previous blog. With as much beauty as Senegal has, there is also a great need for the gospel there….

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The Beauty of Senegal

Having had the past two weeks be fuller with experiences than a sardine-tin, it is hard to know where to start sharing! My purpose for travelling to Senegal was to get an idea of what the West-African mission field looks…

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A Few Exciting Things!

Recently we have gone through quite a few exciting modules. I’ll give you just a brief insight into a few of these – just one paragraph, or one picture. Make sure you check out the last one for a special…

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