A Busy Few Weeks

Just a short update here, as there’s a lot going on, but not necessarily a lot to write about.

This coming Monday I’ll need to hand in a major assignment about church planting. There’s still a fair bit left to write, so it won’t be a weekend of much rest. This is on top of our regular homework and class-schedule, meaning that there’s actually two smaller things that need to be handed in by Monday also.

The Monday after that, we’ll be giving a presentation at the college about our journey to Senegal. My part is allowed to take up to fifteen minutes, so this also needs quite some preparation.

And then there’s the regular ministry opportunities that continue to be present; involvement at church, living alongside fellow believers, etc. There’s also a conference being held here on campus at the end of the month, which will also bring some additional business. (I’ll be very happy to be standing behind the grill for flipping the Saturday lunch’s burgers!)

Another thing which I am really excited about is that we started with the Bible translation module today. I might tell in more detail about it later, but if you like a small challenge, here’s some things to think about:

  • What defines a good translation?
  • Why go through the trouble of translating a Bible into a language spoken by only a (relatively) small group of people?
  • When is the last time you thanked God for having a Bible available in a translation you can understand?

Thank you for your prayers through everything. Each and every one of these things is a blessing to experience!

Author: Daniel

1 thought on “A Busy Few Weeks

  1. Fijn dat alles zo vooruit komt Daniél.
    Het lijken mij ook allemaal erg interessante dingen om mijn neus in te steken.
    Wij bidden voor je, ook al zien we elkaar niet, toch steunen we je graag op die manier.

    Gods zegen,
    Bryan & Inge

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