Quick Easter Update

It has been a while since my last update! Like I said back then, we did have a few busy weeks on campus. Those weeks went by well, though I was quite happy that they were followed by a two-week Easter break. I spent the break by resting as well as getting to some projects which I don’t normally have time for. But, with the routine being away from normal, it is easy to forget that I also wished to write an update. Oops!

So, just before the break we had two modules that really encouraged me. The first was Bible translation. It is amazing how a module that seems to be so focused on practical skills can actually have a deep impact on our personal understanding of the Word. By looking at the issues that arise in translation, we are able to better understand the grammatically difficult passages in our own Bibles. Which are inevitably translations – unless you happen to be an advanced scholar of the Biblical languages.

The other module was about spiritual conflict. Or, in other words, “how to deal with difficulties in our ministry and spiritual life in a spiritual way.” The answer lies, as one might expect, primarily in Ephesians 6, “stand, having put on the whole armour of God.” It was really helpful to think about the truths that we have from God, and how these apply to our daily walk with Him.

I hope that you are also encouraged by my brief description of these two modules, and that you might be able to ponder over their importance a little in your own time also.

Thank you for your prayers. We will be delving into some exciting modules these coming few weeks, and I am really looking forward to them. It is also just six more weeks until we head into the big end-of-year project: mission simulation. I’ll tell more about what that is when we get closer to it, but you can pray for the preparations that go into it these coming weeks. I have a feeling they will fly by before I know it!

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