Leaving for the final year in England

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the summer as I visited friends in both the Netherlands and France. But the time has come to start the next leg of the journey, and this Monday I leave for England once again. These final months at the college will focus on linguistics. Formally this can be described as “the scientific study of language and its structure”. However, for us as missionaries the goal is not so much scientific advancement. Rather, our goal in analysing a language is to produce a better Bible translation and better Bible lessons.

We are also investigating the possibility of going to Tanzania for a mission exposure trip. Last year I went on a trip to Senegal, which gave me a great deal of insight. I believe that a trip to Tanzania will give us additional insights, so that we can make a better choice of which country we can serve best as missionaries. Meanwhile we also continue to pray that the Lord can show us a specific place where we should go.

I’m really looking forward to this coming year. It will be academically challenging, and it will remain a spiritual exercise. But there should be plenty of opportunity for growing with the Lord.


  • Pray for the continuation of the training.
  • Pray for the organisation and effectiveness of the Tanzania trip.
Author: Daniel

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