Thinking About African Missions

Last week included two interesting events. First, there’s a trip coming up to Senegal, which we had a meeting about. Secondly, someone who is involved with leadership in West-Africa visited us.

The Senegal trip will be an “exposure trip”. That is, we will get an opportunity to see what the work of the mission is like in West-Africa, as well as meet the people that work there. I am truly excited about going there. Even though it is only ten days, I think it will give great insight into what the mission looks like – and this time not just from pictures and videos, but from seeing it with my own eyes. However, it will not be without sacrifice, as it will be during the February break. Not only will I have to trade a time of rest for a time of more learning, but I was also originally planning to go to the Netherlands during that break. Regardless, I think these challenges can be overcome and really look forward to this opportunity!

The guy from leadership visited us to teach us for four class hours about the mission’s global involvement. On top of that, we were also able to sit with him on Thursday afternoon and ask any and all questions we had regarding missions across the continent. It was an amazing opportunity for gaining insight into both of these fields. Especially since I hope to go the African continent after finishing training – Lord willing of course!

So yeah, two amazing and great opportunities for getting to know more about missions in Africa in one week. Please pray along with me as I contemplate what I’ve learned. Also pray along with me as I work on the preparations for the Senegal trip. This includes both planning, and getting my vaccinations done (such as yellow fever).

Author: Daniel

1 thought on “Thinking About African Missions

  1. Exciting days ahead Daniel
    You are going to enjoy the practical side of your studies.
    I will pray for the preparation and that you will at least be able to see your family during Christmas break before you have to leave.

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