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A Busy Few Weeks

Just a short update here, as there’s a lot going on, but not necessarily a lot to write about. This coming Monday I’ll need to hand in a major assignment about church planting. There’s still a fair bit left to…

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The Needs of Senegal

Having (hopefully) given you some insight into what Senegal is like, we can now move onto the promised sequel to the previous blog. With as much beauty as Senegal has, there is also a great need for the gospel there….

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The Beauty of Senegal

Having had the past two weeks be fuller with experiences than a sardine-tin, it is hard to know where to start sharing! My purpose for travelling to Senegal was to get an idea of what the West-African mission field looks…

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A Few Exciting Things!

Recently we have gone through quite a few exciting modules. I’ll give you just a brief insight into a few of these – just one paragraph, or one picture. Make sure you check out the last one for a special…

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Practising Culture Studies With The Yurok People

To fall with the door into the house, understanding culture is vital to effective communication. And if that sentence made sense to you, you are probably either Dutch or Afrikaans. Because “falling with door into the house” is an idiom…

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The Big Picture

Being roughly halfway through the modules we have this year, I thought it would be nice to make a video and share about some of the things we have learned so far in regards to the big picture of church…

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Why Go To The DRC?

Yesterday I gave a 5 minute presentation about going to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Giving the presentation was an assignment, and it was held in front of teachers and fellow students. As part of the assignment, we were…

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Thinking About African Missions

Last week included two interesting events. First, there’s a trip coming up to Senegal, which we had a meeting about. Secondly, someone who is involved with leadership in West-Africa visited us. The Senegal trip will be an “exposure trip”. That…

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Woodlands Survival

A robin in the woodlands.

A few weeks ago we went on a four-day survival camp. If you are wondering why this is part of missions training, remember a few things. First, the people groups we want to work with are unreached because they are…

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Back In Town!

Last Monday I came back to NCC. It was really great to see so many familiar faces again, as well as to meet many new ones. Classes have been mostly about introduction, the most exciting of which was probably when…

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